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RNA-Seq, ACOBIOM’s expertise to perform RNA Analysis by sequencing

RNA-Seq, ACOBIOM’s expertise to perform RNA Analysis by sequencing

Unlike DNA, which is constituted at birth and changes little over the course of Life, RNA is constantly evolving, reflecting the general state of health of the cell, organ and organism to which it belongs. RNA analysis (or gene expression analysis) is a particularly relevant approach to identify the biological markers (biomarkers) or the molecular targets associated to a biological process, a physio-pathological event, as the onset or the progression of a disease, the effects or the response to a drug or a treatment. RNA-Seq, a high throughput approach to perform RNA analysis by sequencing, become the standard technology to identify transcripts in cells and to quantify the associated expressed genes.

Acobiom Presents Gemcitest


GEMCITEST® is a molecular diagnostic that uses blood samples to identify pancreatic cancer patients most likely to benefit from first-line gemcitabine treatment.

ACOBIOM presents the clinical benefit of GemciTesT at ASCO 2021

ACOBIOM presents the clinical benefit of GemciTest® at ASCO 2021

The abstract presented at the 2021 ASCO Annual Conference is a study synthesis of the clinical performance of the CE-IVD molecular test to assess the gemcitabine response in advanced pancreatic cancer.

Acobiom bénéficie d'un financement européen pour le Gemcitest

Acobiom’s Gemcitest receives a European financial support

Within the framework of the SME Instrument-Phase 1 call for projects, Europe provided a financial support to ACOBIOM in order to evaluate the costs of the current management of pancreatic cancer in France. This study will confirm the sale forecasts of the GemciTest in France and in Europe.

Financing of ACOBIOM's GemciTest on the WEDOGOOD crowdfunding platform

Crowdfunding for ACOBIOM in 2020

Despite a difficult context in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, Acobiom managed to raise more than 100,000 euros on the social impact crowdfunding platform WeDoGood.

Sequence of nucleotides

The RNA at the heart of Life

Produced by DNA, RNA is among the least known constituents of the life sciences and the least cited in publications, communications or media. RNA is delicate to use by technicians and always enigmatic for most scientists.

GemciTest - In vitro diagnostic medical device for the prediction of patient response in the treatment of the pancreas with gemcitabine

Publication in the Cancers journal on the benefits of GemciTest®

A scientific publication in Cancers, a peer reviewed scientific journal, presents the capabilities of Acobiom’s GemciTest® to identify the pancreatic cancer patients who are most likely to benefit from gemcitabine-based treatment as the first approach.

Pink Ribbon - The Jerome Lejeune Institute and ACOBIOM identified recently new prognostic factors in breast cancer

The Jerome Lejeune Institute and ACOBIOM identified recently new prognostic factors in breast cancer

In a recent study, ACOBIOM, in partnering with the Jerome Lejeune Institute, characterized molecular mechanisms that could help to better understand the decreased incidence of Breast Cancer in women with Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21).

AG2R LA MONDIALE supports the GemciTest®

AG2R LA MONDIALE supports the improvement of medical management of pancreatic cancer with GemciTest®

Acobiom announces the CE marking of GemciTest®

GemciTest®, an in-vitro diagnostic that predicts the patient’s response to one of the therapies used to treat pancreatic cancer, benefits now from CE marking, which means it complies with current European regulations in force. Acobiom develops innovative blood diagnostics in the field of precision medicine. These tests, based on liquid biopsies (blood), aim to give…
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