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Gene expression analysis services by qPCR or Digital PCR

Acobiom provides gene expression, DNA mutation or methylation analysis services by real-time PCR or Digital PCR, either for customized tests integrating target genes or a panel of predetermined targets.

Real-time PCR is the method of choice to measure the gene expression level.

From probe design to biostatistical data analysis, including sample preparation, the Acobiom team selects the appropriate PCR platform (Applied Biosystems, Roche Diagnostics, Fluidigm…) and chemistry (TaqMan probes, nuclear intercalant, multiplex assays, HRM…) best suited to the needs of its customers or partners (RUO ou In-Vitro Diagnostic/IVD device grade).

With many projects under its belt, the company offers and handles the extraction of genetic material, the quantification and qualification of samples:

  1. Liquid biopsies,
  2. PAXgene Tubes,
  3. Cell lines,
  4. FFPE tissues,
  5. Fresh or frozen tissues,
  6. ...

To measure the gene expression level, Real-Time PCR needs the use of reference genes, as well as statistical analyses based on established mathematical methods.

ACOBIOM identifies and selects reference genes to perform qPCR experiments for its clients and partners using the MIQE (Minimum Information necessary for evaluating qPCR Experiments) guidelines. The selection of a reference genes is based on the stability of its expression in all the experimental conditions studied. So they are necessary and crucial for a successful and reproducible PCR analysis.

The company possesses a huge expertise in PCR analyses (qPCR, RT-PCR, qRT-PCR) for providing the most suitable and complete solution according to its client and partner specifications.

Its technical team also offers Digital PCR, which allows an absolute quantification of RNA/DNA with a very high precision.

Here are some examples of applications:

  1. Genotyping,
  2. Pathogen detection,
  3. Detection of gene editing (CRISPR/Cas9),
  4. Detection of copy number variation (CNV),
  5. Detection of circulating tumor DNA,
  6. Methylation,
  7. ...

Moreover, ACOBIOM proposes a Digital PCR or Real-Time PCR assay targeting a panel of genes to measure inflammatory responses and to study inflammation-related diseases in organs and blood in Human / Mouse / Rat, including potentially regulated genes and reference genes.

This « inflammation » panel is composed of 51 selected genes and 8 reference genes. All of them were selected by the ACOBIOM’s scientific team from literature and also from its proprietary database of gene expression profiles, called MaRS.

To make sense to generated data, Acobiom delivers a report including raw data analysis, PCR specificity, PCR efficiency, assay repeatability/reproducibility, and specific information dedicated to the provided analyses (according to MIQE guidelines).

Services provided include:

  1. Differential Expression cross-analysis,
  2. Dimension reduction,
  3. Classifier building,
  4. Modelling,
  5. Features extraction and optimization,
  6. ...

Deliverables include:

  1. Complete graphic synthesis, ready to use for any kind of presentation,
  2. Analytical synthesis for health authorities’ compliance,
  3. Predictive/Diagnostic tool for helping decision,
  4. Writing for scientific/marketing valorization,
  5. List of validated biomarkers,
  6. ...

To complete its analysis services by PCR, Acobiom can also select sets of RNA/DNA biomarkers for routine diagnostic kit through PCR technology. 

For more information on the PCR analysis services provided by Acobiom, please contact the company.

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