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A funding opportunity to amplify medical and financial benefits of precision medicine

Acobiom’s diagnostics are part of a new generation of complex and high value-added molecular diagnostics. These blood-based diagnostic tests will improve the patient’s medical care in identifying those who are most likely to benefit from pre-determined treatments, while optimizing health care costs.

Diagnostics dedicated to precision medicine

Acobiom is currently involved in the development of innovative Diagnostics that can predict individual response of patients to pre-determined treatments. These blood-based diagnostic tests focused on Precision Medicine concern diseases with unmet medical needs.

Acobiom’s tests are non-invasive and can be performed from a simple blood sample (liquid biopsy). They are based on the measurement and the analysis (by proprietary algorithms) of a combination of several patented biological (molecular) markers. These blood‐based diagnostic tests have been developing for routine uses on platforms already employed in central labs and clinical centers.

The benefits of Acobiom’s diagnostics are helping choose the most appropriate therapy for each patient, improve the patient’s quality of life during treatment, avoid phenomena of treatment resistance, reduce adverse effects and toxicities, avoid ineffective, uncomfortable and expensive treatments and, overall, improve the patient’s medical care.

A new generation of high added value molecular diagnostics

Whatever the therapeutic domain, several diagnostics capable to predict patient response to a treatment are already on the market. These predictive diagnostic tests are provided by companies as: Agendia, Genomic Health, Myriad Genetic, Qiagen, Roche, etc.

Acobiom’s predictive diagnostics are part of a new generation of complex and high added value molecular Diagnostics. Some of these diagnostics are commercial successes (see the graphs below): they showed impressive growing revenues as: Oncotype DX (Genomic Health) or AlloMap (CareDX).

Revenues oncotype


Acobiom, diagnostics to improve the medical care of patients suffering from cancers

Acobiom will commercialize its first predictive diagnostics in oncology. The company is thus positioned on the global market for companion diagnostics (predictive diagnostics of response to a predetermined treatment) that was estimated at US$3.5 billion in 2016, and is expected to reach US$13.6 billion by 2025 (source: Transparency Market Research).

GemciTest® is the first predictive diagnostic developped by the company.
This innovative and non invasive in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) is able to predict the response to a first-line gemcitabine-based treatment in patients suffering from a form of pancreatic cancer: the metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma (mPDAC).
It will be commercialized by Eurobio Scientific (Eunonext Growth Paris) with which Acobiom signed a distribution agreement.

In addition, the company is developping other predictive diagnostics for pancreatic, breats and lung cancers.

In particular, Acobiom obtained funding from Bpifrance associated with the R&D program called Oncosnipe, in which the company will develop diagnostics to predict patient resistance to first-line treatments in breast, lung and pancreatic cancers.

The diagnostics under development will expand Acobiom’s diagnostics pipeline and complement the GemciTest from a marketing and medical perspective.

Moreover, ACOBIOM obtained in 2022 the hi-France label from AFPC, the association of the French competitiveness clusters. According to AFPC, “this national labeling approach enhances the scientific base and market potential of innovations developed in France by drawing on the combined expertise of technological and market experts from the public and private sectors”. This hi-France label is the “symbol of recognition of the excellence of innovative French companies in which to invest. It guarantees investors the best investment files and facilitates the search for private financing.”

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