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Acobiom Presents Gemcitest

Today, in daily practice, the patient’s care management and the current guidelines in pancreatic cancer don’t mention pharmacogenomic biomarkers. This approach could help to select the best first-line therapy or to stratify patient populations and choose the most adapted treatment with the best clinical effectiveness for a given patient.

Moreover, whereas it is currently used in other cancer treatments, breast cancer for instance, a decision algorithm based on biomarkers does not yet exist to optimize the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

In addition, and more specifically in pancreatic cancer, the tissue-based cancer diagnosis approach may be limited by the issue of tumor heterogeneity, the challenges of accessibility to perform a tumor sampling, and possible complications associated with the biopsy procedure.

Thus, approaches targeting liquid biopsies, blood for instance, demonstrated their clinical potential as a non-invasive or minimally-invasive alternative.

As mentioned by Dr. Noelle Loconte from the Carbone Cancer Center (University of Wisconsin), “There is no clear preferred regimen for 1st line treatment of pancreas cancer regardless of stage and the NCCN guidelines include both regimens with equipoise”

To answer to these issues, ACOBIOM developed GEMCITEST®, a molecular diagnostic for Precision Medicine in Pancreatic Cancer.

This in-vitro diagnostic is able to analyze the blood of patients suffering from pancreatic cancer and to identify the sub-population who are most likely to benefit from gemcitabine in first line therapy.

The benefits for the patients identified by this molecular diagnostic are: a median survival of 13 months, a better quality of life, and a medication at home. This last benefit implies a better quality of life for caregivers and avoids the overload of hospitals and the spread of nosocomial diseases.

Based on biological analyses associated with clinical data (Overall Survival, Progression Free Survival), GEMCITEST® will provide that type of decision algorithm to identify the optimal choice among several options in drug prescription for optimizing the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

This IVD has been designed so that its routine use will be part of a consultation (pre-therapeutic assessment) already planned in the patient’s current care management.

To discover a presentation of GEMCITEST® and its benefits, please click on the following link:


ACOBIOM is a biotechnology company specializing in the discovery of biological markers and the development of innovative diagnostics for applications in personalized medicine or precision medicine.

Precision medicine addresses the following needs: tailoring treatments to patients’ biological profiles, reducing drug side effects, providing better therapeutic efficacy, and better managing healthcare costs. These in-vitro diagnostics will help physicians choose the most effective or the best treatment suited to the biological (phenotypic) profile of patients. The biological markers present on these diagnostics were identified by the company’s scientific team, which has more than 20 years of expertise in the study of gene expression (transcriptomics) and a technological platform combining genomics, bioinformatics and biostatistics (data science).

Founded in 1999, Acobiom is located in the Euromedicine Biopole, a life sciences business center, in Montpellier (France), and is a member of the regional health clusters.

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