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The Cancer Center (CGFL) of Dijon evaluates the Acobiom’s GemciTest in clinics

The Cancer Center (CGFL) of Dijon (France) launches a clinical study in 2018 to evaluate the prognostic value of on the overall survival and response to major treatments in patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The CGFL is the sponsor of this study and the principal investigator is Professor François Ghiringhelli. In 2017, 14.000 new cases…
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R-Link Partners

Acobiom became partner of European clinical project focused on Bipolar disorders

Acobiom became partner of the R-Link European program, which brings together 15 partners from 9 countries to develop a personalized approach to the medical care of patients suffering from bipolar disorders. This new approach is based on the discovery of biomarkers that predict lithium response. Acobiom, a company specializing in the discovery of biomarkers and…
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Pancreatic Cancer

These start-up that heal our future

Pancreatic cancer: the right treatment for the right patient Acobiom developed a diagnostic test to better target the treatment of pancreatic cancer patients. An innovation that should be on the market in 2019. 5%. The five-year survival rate of pancreatic cancer is extremely low. The Acobiom startup, located at the Euromedicine Biopole in Montpellier, wanted…
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Acobiom genomics bioinformatics

Health: a test improving cancer treatment

Metropolitain – 5/11/2017 START-UP: Biotech from Montpellier specialized in the discovery of new biological markers, Acobiom forecasts the launch of a test improving cancer treatment Acobiom – 8 people including 6 researchers – works on the biomarker discovery and their association with drugs to improve the diagnostic and the efficiency of cancer treatment. More information…
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Acobiom seeks 2M€ funds for Oncosnipe program

Biotech Finances Article – 03/27/2017 Acobiom, company that identifies RNA biomarkers for the development of diagnostics in personalized medicine, seeks 2M€ funds by the end of 2017. This raising funds occurs in part of its involvement in Oncosnipe, a R&D collaborative program leaded by Oncodesign to develop diagnostic tools in personalized medicine, in breast, lung…
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Biotech Finances

Acobiom remarked by Biotech Finances

BioTech Finances – 10/12/2015 After 16 years of R&D, Acobiom is now able to predict that its companion diagnostic tests could be soon commercialized. Before that, the Montpellier-based company must complete a series of clinical trials evaluating the predictive efficacy of its tests in pancreatic cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. To finance this crucial step, the…
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